Wednesday, December 28


First Job
- Loved the friends.
- Loved the job scope.
- Hated the pay
- Hated the long working hours

Second Job
- Loved the "initial" pay.
- Hated everything else.

Third Job
- Loved the job scope.
- Loved the consistent working time
- Loved the pay.
- Hated the environment.
- Hated the people.
- Hated the boss.

Now, what do i want from my fourth?

Monday, December 19


Really hope that i make it next week. I need a new start in my working life.

Wednesday, November 30


Finally, im at Krabi!

Its all about (not so!) spicy thai food, massages, islands, and of course, booooooze!

Thursday, November 17


Everyday felt like doomsday at this hour. Felt so gloomy and moody.

Wednesday, November 16


Weeee ... Present for me! On a non-birthday!


Needs to calm down and relax before i totally lost it!

Monday, November 14

Everything's Wrong

Can't any fucking thing goes right today?

Sunday, November 13


Pray that she only gets better and happier as days goes by!

Thursday, November 10


Doesn't this makes you happy everyday?


Tuesday, October 18

18 October 2011

Its soon. Like really really soon.

Friday, October 14

14 October 2011

Pressure. From Everywhere.

Thursday, October 13

13 October 2011

Advice : Sometimes, money just ain't the only thing in the world. There are things that wouls just come and go. Just like that.

Appreciate stuff, life. There is just much more meaningful thing out there.

Tuesday, October 11

Busy October!

Gonna one hell of a month with so many things to do and so little time.

Monday, October 3

First Monday of October

What a start to the October. What a Monday. My old friend came back for a visit!

Hi Gastric!

Friday, September 30

30 September 2011

End of September today. End of a good, happy month filled with birthdays!

And beginning of a new month that is surely going to be busy, but a BLAST!

Hopefully its gonna be stress free! Gonna monitor my blood pressure everyday then!

Thursday, September 29

29 September 2011

Still recovering from post-birthday syndrome. Wish there would still be holiday. Had to work and is empowering my day with a simple cuppa chocolate.

Lets get the day started!

Wednesday, September 28

I've Got An Egg

Nice lovely "red" eggs for my birthday. Love it. Hope it brings more prosperity in the year to come. :) Always be happy!

Tuesday, September 27

What A Birthday!

Awesome Day. 
Awesome Time. 
Awesome Food. 
Awesome Present. 
Awesome People. 
Awesome Life.

What a day. 
What a birthday.

What can you ask more, than to have your loved ones with you. What you wanted as a present. And what you always loved to eat as breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

Monday, September 26


Hope it's not just another every other day ~

Monday, September 19

19 September 2011

Can i go home now? I need my sleep.

Mourning Moodday~

Its definitely a blue day. Doom and gloomy weather. Slight drizzle and cool wind. I wish i would still be by my bed. I wish.

Saturday, September 17

Good Morning Ipoh!

Good food at Ipoh never fails to deliver a good weekend. Welcome Breakfast!

Friday, September 16

16 September 2011

Good Morning Public Holiday! I missed you and wished you would drop by more often.

And what a way to start a lovely travelling day other than my usual breakfast!

Thursday, September 15


I am incompentent. I agree. But little i realize, there are more people around me that are far worse than I do. God bless them. Literally. 

I could break every damn thing around me right now talking to perfectly incompetent people. Yup, they mastered the art of incompetency.

15 September 2011

Good Morning Thursday! Have a nice day ahead, and especially a great happy holiday!

Wednesday, September 14

My Life & Lights

Ran away from one. Fell into another. My life is all about these 3 colours - Red, Amber & Green. :) Brighten up my life, definitely.